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10th Record(s): David Bowie “Aladdin Sane” and “Lodger”

Nice to group these two, they complement each other kinda well. Neither get played too frequently, since my hand usually gravitates to similar Bowie records in their respective period. I’ll listen to “Ziggy Stardust” instead of “Aladdin Sane” (but I guess you could argue “Hunky Dory”¬†and maybe “Man Who Sold the World” as well), but “Lodger” does tend to a bit better since it’s from my favorite Bowie period and I’m always scared of overlistening to my favorite records. Looking at how infrequently these guys get played, that fear seems silly but I’d hate to be 70 years old and suddenly realizing that my copy of “Low” is unlistenable and a better copy will cost me a couple months of social security.

They also complement each other well since they show off the wide gap between the US issues of the RCA period and their respective UK issues. I groaned a little when I pulled the orange Dynaflex record out of the “Aladdin Sane,” cover. I’ve tried to upgrade those over the years, especially after Bowie died and I imagined Mrs. Fredoluv (who hails David Bowie as her favorite artist) might be pulling records out and playing them. I guess this one lingers, however, and I’m not in a big hurry to upgrade it — especially since Mrs. Fredoluv put on exactly NONE records after Bowie died. I’m just not into this record, it’s a bit all over the place, the Dynaflex sounds muffled and trashy, and I’d really rather put on another Bowie record instead. I do like the back-to-back appearance of “Panic in Detroit” and “Cracked Actor,” however, I think I’ve pulled this record out just to hear the latter before.

“Lodger” doesn’t suffer the same fate. It’s not a UK brown label (it’s a Canadian…grey label, maybe?), I guess it didn’t get upgraded either. But I don’t feel an urgent need to address it since it still sounds light years better than the US orange. Bowie and all the instruments sound like they’re floating in real space, super clear and deep. I felt like bouncing around the music room in response, I really enjoyed hearing these songs again.

Origin stories: Pretty sure the “Aladdin Sane” came from PDQ Records in Tucson. On top of the garbage sound, it’s not in the best shape either. I know I got “Lodger” from “Electric Fetus” in Minneapolis. Both great record stores, I miss the ability to get just about anything at the former and the ability to curate amazing hauls with ease at the latter.

“Aladdin Sane” Discogs link
Vinyl: VG-
Cover: VG+

“Lodger” Discogs link
Vinyl: NM-
Cover: VG+ (some seam and edge wear)