10th Record: The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

FullSizeRender-6I admit that this endeavor seems a lot less fun if the old, forgotten records I’m digging out are widely celebrated releases from some of the most recognized bands of all time … I’m assuming that once we get through the “Bea-” section, we’ll get back to more esoterica and discovery. In the meantime?

I think this was my first Beatles album. It was definitely among the first 4 CDs I got when I got my first CD player, and this LP is from around the same time, maybe a year or so later. I overplayed this album since those were the days when I had less options to throw on, and as a result I just never really put it on today or even celebrate it mentally the way I would, say, “Pet Sounds” or “Revolver.” When I do, I’m always pretty happy to hang out with an old friend; there’s nothing new or clever I’m going to be able to say about this album, so I’ll keep it brief. This is the first US mono release, and it’s in pretty good shape. No visual marks or scratches, but it’s gotten a lot of plays — plenty of surface noise in the quiet spots, occasional pops but overall a really great sounding record! Done?

Origin story: I found this at a thrift store near my childhood house. It was much easier to thrift shop records back then, I always found pretty good stuff without even trying to hard. I found my first Ramones record at the same shop, “Revolver,” Parliament…a wide range of cool stuff that would feel like a huge score if you came across it in a thrift bin today. It makes me a little surprised that the record is in such good shape (especially since I can’t imagine teenage Fredoluv took great care of his records either) all these years later.

Discogs link
Vinyl: VG/VG+ (visually pretty tight, but on play it sounds more VG)
Cover: G+ (splitting, discoloring, staining, etc. A fun time was had by all!)


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