Podcast: 7-11 on “Doughboys”

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 2.44.11 PM

“Doughboys” has secretly become one of my favorite podcasts. I held out for a little bit, I mean, the conceit of reviewing chain restaurants didn’t quite land with me since I’ve been trying for  years to never set foot in another chain restaurant again. But I love co-host Mike (“The Birthday Boys” “Love”) Mitchell enough that I had to give the show a chance. It didn’t take long for the constant bickering of Mitchell and Nick Wiger to win me over. Both are superb comedy writers and improv comedians, so the jokes and ribbings fly pretty quickly in each episode. A lot of my favorite LA improv comedians were selling points too, but I’m at the point now where I’ll not only listen to these guys review an empty water bottle  with no guests, I’ll set aside some special time to let it really breathe.

I’m calling out this episode, however, as one of their finest. I typically hate live podcasts of my favorite shows, there’s something about the audience and the laffs that disrupt the expected flow and timing a bit. Normally if I see “live” in the title, I’ll just skip that episode outright — I always have about 73 hours of podcast backlog in my player, so it’s not like the FOMO will make me too sad. This episode wasn’t advertised as live, however, and once I heard the audience chatter in the opening seconds I just bit the bullet and let it ride. Wiger and Mitch escalate their feud a few notches for the audience, but guest Fran Gillespie is what really rockets things to another level — her attacks of the podcast, its hosts, as well as her own self-effacing personal histories just completely won me over. I was laughing pretty hard at points, and when it ended I immediately queued up an earlier episode with Gillespie as well.  A solid five fork rating for this episode, and I encourage you to dig in immediately…


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