Every Ten Records

IMG_6851I saw a few (very few, it’s pretty highly specialized) memes on social media celebrating record collections — just  folks taking photos of every tenth record, either in daily batches or just one big slog. I kinda liked the idea, but thought it could tie in better with a writing exercise here — I had toyed with the idea of reviewing my record collection one record at a time, both to get characters generated but also to force a listening of old records and maybe do some minimal cataloguing as well. So why not? Let’s start reviewing and cataloguing every 10th record until every damn record is done! See you on the other side…

Let’s get some listening specs out of the way for full nerding out… My listening will be done on an old Marantz 2252b receiver (probably worth an upgrade, but I’d rather buy more records instead) and a Pro-Ject RM-5.1 SE turntable. I used to have these going into pretty nice floor speakers…but my family has moved into a smaller house and my music room is about half the size. So those floor speakers are sadly stored in place of those white KEF LS50 stand speakers (incorrectly used in a bookshelf for space reasons). It all sounds pretty fantastic, so it should be a treat to take time to write these little reviews. Right?

Oh, and I’ll be sitting in that 60s Plycraft lounge chair, an Eames knockoff that fits me a bit better in size and expense. It’s a bit rickety, and one of the ottoman’s feet is missing thanks to a mover not paying attention to what he’s doing, but hey…

I’ll also take this opportunity to clean records and log ’em into Discogs. I always have this nightmare of meeting a pre-mature death and my wife and kids selling my records at a garage sale or throwing them in the street like frisbees. Maybe that cataloguing will help them sell things some day? That is, if they don’t spend every day listening to records in my memory, like good family members. Enough of these details…let’s listen!


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