10th Record: Joe Gibbs and the Professionals “African Dub All-Mighty Chapter 3”

FullSizeRenderWell, this is embarrassing. My first record pull is a record that’s been misfiled! This seminal dub classic should be filed under “Gibbs, Joe” but it’s a bit of a generic cover and maybe I just lazily filed it under “A” for “African Dub” or maybe I decided at some point that I’d be more likely to look for this record under “African Dub” than “Gibbs, Joe”…who knows what my feeble mind was thinking that day. But I’m happy to kick things off with this record, I know it’s considered one of the great dub records but it’s one that I haven’t spent a lot of time with.

On listening to side 1, I wasn’t too blown away. A lot of stings and sound effects for sure, but it just didn’t have the full rich experience I’ve grown to love in my favorite dub records. But I flipped the wax and was really happy to find that experience on side 2 — beautiful vocal remnants floating through the ether to be chopped and echoed into oblivion by the dub engineer. I often only lazily listen to side 1 of a record, but am excited to appreciate this one a bit more. Yummy!

Origin Story: I have no idea where I picked up this record, or if I even knew what I was picking up when I found it.

Family Comments: I tried to capture what my wife and kid thought of this record, but they weren’t really playing along. “It sounds like a great record for coloring scorpions to,” my son glared as he returned to his work coloring scorpions with crayons.

Discogs link
Vinyl: VG+ (some surface noise during quiet parts, but no cracks, pops, skips)
Cover: NM-


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