Podcast: Face/Off on “How Did This Get Made?”

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 3

I really love Paul Scheer/June David Raphael/Jason Mantzoukas, but I really haven’t spent a lot of time with their movies podcast “How Did This Get Made?” — I think part of it is I’m still working my way through a backlog of podcasts, and while I love the conceit of their show (give followers a chance to watch a bad movie that they’ll discuss in a future episode for laffs), I just haven’t been able to commit to seeing it through.

That changed when I saw Scheer tweeting references to one of my all-time favorite movies, “Face/Off.” I excitedly told my wife, who *has* listened to “HDTGM?” before, and her response was pretty great. “But that’s an AWESOME movie,” she said, defensively. Our mutual appreciation of this quintessential Nic Cage/John Woo film is at the backbone of our relationship, and it’s true that I didn’t really want to hear something amazing get shredded to pieces. I remember when “Face/Off” came out, I was gushing about it during a dinner I had with one of my (I assumed) friends. He had been an early John Woo/HKC fan as well, and our early friendship had really been founded on trading tapes of Woo films before they saw US release. As I raved about Woo’s US masterpiece, my “friend” shook his head silently. I realized then that we’d grown apart, and our friendship never really recovered. With that in mind, I dove into the podcast ready to bail at the first sign of trouble.

I didn’t have to worry. Mantzoukas proclaims repeatedly within the first ten minutes that this is an awesome movie, and that the title of the episode should be more like “Thank God This Got Made.” Not much else to say here other than I laughed so hard listening to the next 90minutes as the trio picked through a mere section of the film’s fantastic and most absurd moments. Really worth a listen if you love to laugh and you love amazing movies!


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