Settling in..

bay_bridgeHi! A little embarrassed that I’m having to do a “why I haven’t been blogging” post so early in this game, but things have been a little hectic. I up and moved my family to a new city, started a new job, and have spent a lot of time just figuring the practical stuff out. On top of that I’ve been battling some phantom illnesses that leave me a little drained — my brain just doesn’t seem all that fresh these days.

But yeah, a lot of change! I can draw a line for this change back to last summer — I came out to San Francisco for a work conference, and was a little overwhelmed by the visit. Completely unexpected. I was dead sick, I literally would come back to my hotel room and cough deep bronchitis coughs into a pillow until my megadoses of NyQuil would knock me out. I should have just been counting the minutes until I could crawl back home into bed, but instead I was strangely energized by my return to California. I don’t want to get too into the specifics of my job at the time and the people I worked with … I’m not a hater, really. But I can say that talking to people from other companies, people from different geographic areas, and people from different backgrounds had a wake-up effect on me. “Oh yeah! I used to be really smart!” I’d think. “This is what it’s like to talk to people!” It magnified some of the issues I was feeling in my current midwestern comfort zone, and started germinating a seed in my brain. My wife and son joined me a few days later, and seeing California through my son’s eyes and feeling the excitement and energy the way he was experiencing it just sorta tilled some more compost around that seed. By the time winter hit, I was ready to harvest and come running back to the west coast. Probably some poor metaphor stuff happening here (pulling up roots? planting seeds to leave? huh?), forgive me.

So my family and I are in California again. I have to pinch myself every day, it feels great. We had good times in the midwest, but we’re really trying to retain the good parts of that experience and surround them with the great things that California has to offer — I feel like we didn’t really live as a family until we moved away, so I don’t want to tinker too much with what was working. We’re living in the East Bay, where we can have a little bigger house, a nicer yard, and where we can still have some of the easy living that spoiled us in Minnesota. But I commute into the city, and we’ve been taking advantage of the big city spoils pretty regularly. I wouldn’t be surprised to find some “here’s non-media stuff I’m doing” entries sprinkled in here moving forward, just being in the Bay Area for a few weeks has already re-energized my social media accounts since there’s just a lot more to do here, more food and more experiences. Hopefully those experiences spur more and more writing from me, and help me figure out where I’m going.


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